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As siblings and best friends, there are many conversations. For a long time we had heated discussions about fur. Why is so much fur imported to Switzerland when so many wild animals are hunted in Switzerland every year? There were many arguments. Is the quality of farmed fur not better? Do the animals not have to be fed properly for a voluminous fur? Is Swiss fur even affordable?


These questions we pursued and the result was quickly fixed: These are all myths.
There are so many things that can be done with Swiss fox fur and resources are more than enough. In addition, it is much more sustainable to reuse the fur than to burn it.

What's missing are the trendy products. Instead of classic fur coats or accessories, we wanted to rely on products that are currently in vogue and that can also finance younger people. We quickly came to the decision to put our idea into action and that's how we brought the label "RoyalFox" to life.


With our parkas and beanies, we want to bring fashion, quality, sustainability and fair trade in harmony while setting a signal against the import of fur.

Fabienne Gygax

Simon Gygax

RoyalFox of Switzerland

A brand of RoyalFox GmbH

Sustainable winter fashion refined with fair fur from the swiss red fox


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