"Hunters are animal lovers. Who is not an animal lover does not belong in the hunt."

In the last fifteen years, the population of red fox in Switzerland has increased significantly. With the foxes also the foxes parasitizing and dangerous for humans fox tapeworm has become more common. Every year, 30 people in Switzerland die from tapeworm. Since foxes are increasingly found near the settlement and also in the middle of the settlement area, it is important that the fox population is regulated by the hunt.

Is hunting really necessary in Switzerland?

Yes, because every year about 20,000 red foxes are shot by our hunters for reasons already mentioned. 85% of the foxes are thrown away to the trash, although the fur would be useful for fashion.


But fashion manufacturers prefer to buy their fur products from fur farms for cost reasons, which is why demand for our domestic fox fur products is stagnating, although overall demand for fur has been rising again in recent years.

Does it make sense to use foxes from the hunt for textile purposes?

The hunters perform important tasks to protect our nature. These include the improvement of the natural foundations of life of all wild animals and the preservation of plant diversity. Did you know that hunters are responsible for damage caused by wildlife? In addition, the hunters are also responsible for the research of our forests and stock counts. In addition, it is the hunters, who promote the awareness of the nature conservation problem through the schools and media.

What tasks do the hunters undertake?

Who wants to go hunting, has to learn the craft of hunting. Young hunters have to gain practical knowledge about wildlife and nature, about legislation and hunting practice, about the proper handling of weapons and ammunition, about the exploitation of venison and about the training and use of hunting dogs.


Anyone who has finally demonstrated in a cantonal proficiency test that he possesses this necessary knowledge has the right to practice the hunt.

What training is needed to go hunting?

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